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Family Care Foundation Chile Earthquake Response

Within hours of the earthquake that struck Chile in the closing days of February (2010), a Family Care Foundation Project Partner began responding with immediate assistance for victims throughout the country.

The massive magnitude 8.8 earthquake rocked Chile early Saturday, February 27th, killing hundreds of people and triggering tsunami warnings for the entire Pacific basin.Then, 12 days later, a 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck Chile just as its new president, Sebastian Pinera, was about to be inaugurated. A second earthquake followed 16 minutes later, a 6.7-magnitude quake, and then a third, measured at magnitude 6.0, came 27 minutes after that.

Seismologists estimate that the earthquake was so powerful that it may have moved the Earth's figure axis by 8 cm or 2.7 milliarcseconds. It also moved the entire city of Concepción 10 feet (3.04 metres) to the west. The capital Santiago, moved almost 10 inches (24 centimetres) west, and even Buenos Aires, nearly 800 miles from the epicenter, shifted 1.5 inches.

To date, FCF Project Partner FEDES has received 3 cargo airplanes, plus several shipping containers, of humanitarian aid in all forms, which has been offloaded and transported to the most heavily-damaged areas of the country. And relief efforts continue to this day.
Over 2 million people have been affected by the earthquakes. Many schools, health facilities and at least 500,000 homes have been destroyed or badly damaged. And now winter has set in.

Please direct your donations to Family Care Foundation, allowing us to continue to mobilize volunteers to help these dear people find some measure of normalcy in their lives, after this horrendous tragedy. No gift is too small to help in some way.

Please contribute online to our Chile Earthquake Fund.
Or mail your check to: Family Care Foundation, P.O. Box 1039, Spring Valley CA 91979 

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Chile Quake Is One of the Biggest in a Century

FCF assures that 100% of all donations designated for earthquake relief will be used for Chile earthquake relief efforts in the disaster areas.