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Family Care Foundation is a participating member of Aid for Africa, a unique partnership of nonprofit organizations serving families and communities throughout Africa. 

Member Aid For Africa

Family Care Foundation
project partners in

Kinshasa Espoir Congo F37
Accra Family Outreach Ghana F33
Mbiti Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children F22
Maputo AVM (Accao Voluntario em Mocambique) F12
Abuja Family Care Edu-Vision International Services F30
Capetown Helping Hand F05
Durban Namenyi Project Hope F11
Johannesburg Change the World Trust F38
Johannesburg Family Africa HIV/AIDS Program F36
Helderberg Vision for Africa F32
Pretoria Family Care Association Pretoria F34
Arusha Miles for Smiles E17
Dodoma STAND F17
Banjul SVP -- Small Village Plan F16
Gulu Family Care Uganda F39
Kampala Radio Active Productions F13
Kazembe Kazembe Orphanage F19
Lusaka Power of Love Foundation F31
Lusaka Willie Mwale Film Foundation
Lusaka Anglican Children's Project F20


Aid for Africa is a partnership of charities, all dedicated to solving the complex, inter-related challenges facing Africa.

Africa Development Corps (ADC) is an international development organization that has pioneered programs throughout Africa.