Help Care For Cambodian Girls Rescued From Human Trafficking and Abuse

Last year we issued a desperate plea for help to keep the doors open at the Cambodian CPCR Rescue Shelter, which at the time was home to 23 young girls rescued from human trafficking, violence and abuse. As a result of generous donations, it proved to be an amazing year for the Rescue Shelter! 

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Here are a few highlights of the tangible progress made over the past year. This does not include all the love and care – which is really the most important thing –that was poured into the children, and the many hours invested in their training and schooling, counseling and supplying their needs.

  • 15 more girls were taken on a resident basis.
  • 50 girls were rescued and reintegrated with their families.
  • Security guard, sewing teacher, reintegration officer, nurse and new shelter manager were hired.
  • 26 of the girls enrolled in public school.
  • In-house English, computer, sewing, weaving, dancing, and art classes were provided.
  • 2 girls graduated from high school and have now begun university!
  • A library- reading room was set up and stocked with a variety of Khmer and English books.
  • All girls participated in regular excursions and visits to their homes/families.
  • The food standard has been raised.
  • The property level was raised to prevent flooding and a drainage system installed. Although Cambodia is experiencing severe flooding, the Shelter remains dry and flood free.
  • The sewing and weaving room was extended to double its former size, enabling more girls to receive daily training and participate in income-generating projects.
  •  The ground floor was partitioned to provide for a counseling room, an infirmary and staff office.
  • Kitchen and pantry have been upgraded for a higher level of sanitation.
  • Four bathrooms have been upgraded.
  • Extended the lease on the property for another three years.
  • And a team from Australia has committed to come and landscape the yard.

The Cambodia government has recently issued a standard requirement for all shelters and homes for vulnerable children. This means that the shelter’s costs will increase with double the number of resident girls, double the monthly property rent, coupled with the rise in local food prices, and some major improvements needed.

We’ll need $105,000 to sustain operations for the coming year. This can be broken down to $175 per child per month or $2,100 per child per year (based on our target of accommodating 50 children).

Can you help us keep changing young lives for the better? The long term impact for these young girls is immeasurable!

Any donation, of any amount is greatly appreciated. Please help if you can, and spread the word to your friends and family. You can donate by credit card through our website, simply clicking on the “donate to this project” button and then filling in your details. Or contact us at


Alex and Ann Soldner

Family Care Cambodia

Click  to see photos of the girl’s holding  samples of their gratitude art!