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Change the World Trust


Project Managers: Jonathan Novotny, Natalie Emery


Change the World Trust (CTWT) was launched in 2009 as a vehicle for developing innovative educational and social projects.

Its primary focus revolves around educational initiatives benefiting youth and children through its distinct programs:

  • IT Training Centers: CTWT operates permanent IT Training centers in Johannesburg, Diepsloot and Cape Town, South Africa and Maputo, Mozambique. Certified as both Microsoft and Cisco Academies, each center provides free and/or subsidized IT training 5-days a week for underprivileged youth. Courses offered include IT and soft skills as well as advanced PC Technician training. The focus is on real time, practical training, facilitating an efficient integration into the work force. In 2012 a franchise model was launched to empower youth-centric nonprofit organizations in providing professional skills development programs. Through this model, CTWT is offering accreditation, training for new trainers and ensuring quality examinations and implementation. Two new centers are successfully operating in Gauteng province under the CTWT umbrella.
  • Connecting Leaders: A comprehensive Teacher Training Program, Connecting Leaders was designed to motivate and empower teachers in difficult and under-resourced schools. The program includes classes in leadership, classroom management and basic computer training. Core objectives aim to equip teachers with leadership expertise and practical training; provide quality Basic IT training; improve their access to resources, and offer ongoing mentoring and community support.
  •  STEPs Program – Raise em’ Right: CTWT secures sponsorship for the STEPs Program - Raise em’ Right, distributing a comprehensive character building curriculum to under-served primary schools throughout South Africa. The curriculum was originally created by educators in Africa, and is a wealth of teacher and student resources, aids, storytelling and activities with the goal of instilling and reinforcing positive moral values for kids.
  • Underprivileged Children: Additionally, CTWT organizes special events and coordinates goods donations to institutions caring for orphans and underprivileged children. 

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Johannesburg, South Africa

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