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Factoid: Children in the Cambodian sex trade has increased dramatically over the past 20 years. This has been linked to the social effects of the Khmer Rouge war, occupation of outside forces, extreme poverty and the growth in sex tourism.

In 2007 the average age of trafficked girls was 19, with 14% being 15 years of age or younger. 

Family Care Cambodia


Project Managers: Alex and Ann Soldner

The goal of Family Care Cambodia is to enhance the quality of life and development in Cambodia, especially for those who are disadvantaged. We invest particularly in Cambodia’s children and youth of today, to help build the leaders of tomorrow.

This is accomplished through the following programs and activities:

  • Rural Education Programs
  • Rescue Shelter Assistance
    • Childhood Trauma Counseling
  • Capacity Building Programs
    • Mentorship and Scholarships
    • Training Seminars and Workshops for Teachers and Social Workers
    • Learning Camps, Education Competitions, Motivational Programs
  • Sports Programs
  • Translation and dissemination of educational materials via literature, website, audio/visual
  • Christian Counseling
  • Humanitarian Aid

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Latest From Family Care Cambodia

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Rescue Shelter Assistance—Phnom Penh Thmey

Few people are more vulnerable and in need of assistance than young girls subjected to domestic violence, sex abuse or sex trafficking. Since 2004, we have assisted the CCPCR rescue shelter in providing a safe home for such girls, who have ranged in age from as young as 5 through to age 19.

Do You Want to Help Stop Modern-Day Slavery?

At any given time, the CCPCR Rescue Shelter is home to 30 young girls who are survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and/or domestic violence. The girls have gone through are beyond belief … certainly things no child should ever have to know about, let alone experience. Read about an opportunity that we’d like to share with you concerning the future of the CCPCR Rescue Shelter in Phnom Penh Thmey.

Resilience Building Therapies at CCPCR Shelter

Most of the children accepted into the CCPCR Shelters have experienced trauma to some degree, whether domestic violence, neglect, forced labor, extreme poverty or sexual abuse. These negative experiences can affect the child’s psychology and emotions by causing them to have violent tendencies towards others, difficulty overcoming fears and battered self-image, and a disconnect with social values that regard parents as caregivers and protectors, and children as worthy of love and nurturing. Expressive art therapies aimed at fostering connections, continuity, dignity and opportunities can bring positive change.

Child Welfare Networking and Radio Programs

Family Care Cambodia is a member of a network of Cambodian NGOs and International organizations that provides holistic support to children in difficult circumstances. Member organizations focus on child welfare and children’s rights, and present valuable public information via a weekly radio broadcast. The goal is to promote child rights awareness, and encourage parents or guardians to raise their children with love, dignity and sympathy.

Capacity Building through Seminars and Workshops

Research concludes that more than 50% of Cambodians who lived through the Khmer Rouge era suffer from some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As a result, significant amounts of stress, anger, fear and hopelessness are being passed on to the next generation. Family Care Cambodia offers training seminars and workshops to equip local caregivers with relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills on a variety of topics. Training seminars are presented on creative therapies for trauma healing, interpersonal skills, parenting, teaching and volunteerism.

Rural Education Development--Siem Riep

In many rural schools there is a shortage of classrooms, supplies and qualified teachers. Our rural education development program began at a large public primary school in Siem Reap called Phum Thnarl. We started by building a teacher’s office for student counseling and record keeping. This opened up a classroom that we renovated into an IT lab, with the help of the Entrepreneurs Organization of Singapore.

Village Learning Center -- Kampong Speu

FCC partners with a local non-profit to provide educational support and recreational facilities for the underprivileged community of Phum Tany village. At the beautiful new learning center preschoolers have access to early education, while older children learn the English language, computer literacy, art, science and remedial subjects.

Children’s Book Project--Phnom Penh/Siem Riep

Cambodia is a land of youth. A recent survey lists 41% of the population of 13 million under the age of 14. Despite the trauma and suffering of the past 30 years, Cambodia is striving for social, educational and economic reconstruction. One particularly great need is children’s books in the local language.

Student Sponsorship Program--Phnom Penh/ Siem Riep

To date, we have secured scholarships to an international school for 6 children from K-4 orphanage. Three of these students have already graduated from High School!

Cambodia Special Olympics

Family Care Cambodia is honored to assist the Cambodian Special Olympic Committee in hosting the annual Special Olympic Games for intellectually challenged children.

Community Learning Center--Sen Srok Settlement

Located on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, Sen Srok is home to hundreds of displaced families, who were resettled from squatter tenements in the capital. Since 2005, we’ve channeled food, supplies and medical care to the poorest families, and run weekly activities for the children. In collaboration with the Department of Informal Education we helped establish the Sen Srok Community Learning Center (CLC) in 2009.

Distribution of Food, Clothing and Supplies to the Underprivileged

We have an ongoing project to garner food, milk, clothing, shoes, school supplies, educational material, audio/visual material, construction supplies, fabric, computers, sewing machines, and more, partnering with the local business community.

Archive: Phnom Penh Student Hostel

Rural students coming to Phnom Penh to study, face several daunting challenges. They struggle to raise the necessary funding for their tuition and living expenses. It is very difficult to find safe, affordable housing. The students are in desperate need of friendship and mentoring as they adjust to life in the “big” city. To help meet the need, we opened the Phnom Penh Student Hostel in September 2009.

Archive articles

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