Distribution of Food, Clothing and Supplies to the Underprivileged

We have an ongoing project to garner food, clothing, school supplies, educational material and more, partnering with the local business community and other charitable organizations.
A08_225_8.11.JPG A08_222_8.8.jpg
Delivery of care packages of rice, mats,
canned food and blankets to squatters
Toys and stuffed animals
for village children

Since its inception, Family Care Cambodia has maintained an active presence in the local business community, acting as a reliable conduit for companies to donate all manner of goods in kind to needy families.

A08_223_8.9.JPG A08_217_8.3.jpg
Toothpaste for
Sen Sabbay village children
School bags for rural school children,
courtesy of Blessings in a Bag Singapore

With a hands-on approach and commitment to the people we serve, we’ve also been a voice to concerned individuals and potential donors of the specific and immediate needs for hundreds of children. 

A08_215_8.1.JPG A08_226_8.12.JPG
Children from poor village community
give thanks for donated chicken curry
A gift for each child at
Duk An Doang village

Through this approach, we’ve been able to organize special events for Children’s Day, Khmer New Year and Christmas, providing hundreds of children with special meals and personal gifts; children who have no families to celebrate with or whose families have no resources to invest in these special holidays. 

A08_219_8.5.jpg A08_221_8.7.jpg
Donated books and shampoo for children
in Kball Tmao village, Takeo Province
Donated fresh fruit

We are grateful to all of the individuals and companies, both local and overseas, who have assisted our projects in this way.