Jakarta Flooding

Jakarta, seasonally flood-prone, was recently hit with some of the worst flooding in the history of the city with reports of up to 70% of the city being under water at the peak. Instead of only the poorest of neighborhoods being hit, many very middle-upper class neighborhoods were inundated with up to 1.5 meters of water inside the houses!

A preliminary visit by a team from Yayasan Cakrawala Masa Depan (YCMD) involved bringing cooked food, clothing, cleaning supplies, stoves and day-to-day necessities, as well as a follow up visit to document the greatest need these people and others like them are facing. In a situation like this, we often act in the capacity of middlemen for local businessmen who donate to help in the rehabilitation of such a neighborhood or village.

The following photos are a sampling of the misery and difficulties that residents face. While a good deal of help has already been pledged to help these villages, much is yet to be done.

This photo captures the despair of the residents whose homes
and meager personal belongings have all been destroyed.
An unsightly view
matched by horrible smells.
Everything in this lady's
home was destroyed…
Meeting with the community elders
to assess the needs.
Typical village destruction. Normally
the river is at least 1 meter lower.
p10_pic092_02.jpgWet walls and an empty bed
frame are all that is left.
Standing where this man's
house used to stand.
This street was under
water a few days before.
Village resident has rescued
bicycle pump from the debris.