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David Lykins
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Open Opportunities


Project Managers: David Lykins, Flor Lykins

The primary objectives of Open Opportunities are to help alleviate suffering and hardship as well as bring hope and encouragement through various means. These include:

  • Providing humanitarian aid for orphanages, prisons, schools and hospitals, as well as needy families and individuals in dire circumstances in the emerging economies/countries of Eastern Europe and South East Asia.
  • Providing aid and comfort to the above-mentioned constituents, endeavouring to help maintain the wellbeing and dignity of the whole person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Organization and coordination of seminars, retreats and workshops for educational purposes; work training programs; and programs to promote the quality of health, hygiene and disease prevention.
  • Offering support and assistance to educational and job training programs for the disadvantaged through development, organization, set up and financing of self-sustaining programs to create employment and generate income for the disadvantaged.

On average, Open Opportunities collects and distributes $23 worth of needed humanitarian aid for every $1 it receives in cash from donors, certainly outstanding when compared with other organizations, including most of those with an international outreach.

Receiving and collecting donated humanitarian aid is only the first step. Ensuring that the aid arrives safely, at minimal cost, and reaches those who are truly in need is the final goal. Accountability is also a vital consideration. Open Opportunities only works with projects that can be verified and have the ability to provide an accurate account for any aid received. Open Opportunities and its partners’ involvement in the actual distribution and subsequent follow-up is one of the prerequisites for selecting aid beneficiaries.

Since its inception in 1998, Open Opportunities has distributed, on average, $700,000* per annum in the form of donated aid, with some years hitting the $1,200,000 mark.

Footnote:  *    These figures are estimated at 25% of the market value of the donated goods.

Tangen, Norway

Providing Effective Humanitarian Aid Solutions

The current economic clime has put tremendous stress on already over stretched resources for most local and national governments. As is often times the case, those with the least voice are the last to be heard. As a result, many of the most vulnerable—the aged, the young, the handicapped and the otherwise disadvantaged—suffer disproportionately. "Open Opportunities" makes no discrimination in regards to race, religion, sex, or nationality. Assistance is offered freely to all.

Connecting the Dots from Corporate to the Less Fortunate

The role of "Open Opportunities" is an intricately involved, facilitative one, connecting the dots between the donors and the most disadvantaged sectors of society in Eastern Europe and South East Asia.

Collaborating to Achieve Success

"Open Opportunities" is a volunteer-based organization, and considers its greatest asset to be the dedicated volunteers who contribute their time, resources, knowledge and expertise to help achieve Open Opportunities' objectives in a timely and proficient manner. 

Making a Difference in Rural Romania

Testimonial from an organization in Romania, coordinating the distribution of the donated aid to underprivileged individuals and local institutional facilities.

State of the Poor

With the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the countries that now constitute the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Eastern Europe experienced a dramatic change in their economies. This change affected the lives of everyone living in the country as massive unemployment, and under employment, was accompanied by hyperinflation and corruption. This in turn led to a spectacular increase in social problems.

Photo Archives

Some pictorial highlights of "Open Opportunities" (formerly NKH) accomplishments in Russia and other formerly Communist countries.

Doing Best By Doing Good

Doing Best By Doing Good--From a power point presentation by "Open Opportunities" (fomerly NKH)