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Project Manager: Josef Suess

For well over a decade, the Child & Family Welfare Foundation (formerly Polio Child Relief) have worked to better the life of polio victims in the Mumbai (Bombay) area, in collaboration with Dr. Paresh Desai of Shraddha Hospital. Since 1997, hundreds of poor polio affected children have successfully received free treatment under this project, in a country where there are still thousands and thousands of polio victims.

The first step in the Child & Family Welfare Foundation (CFWF) process is that CFWF volunteers visit slum areas to locate children in need of this correctional surgery. Free check-ups are then arranged, after which the children are admitted to Shraddha Hospital, where they receive free surgery. The sponsorships for these operations are raised by the CFWF volunteers.

A standard operation, which Dr. Desai performs at cost basis is roughly US $100. The cost for a much more difficult limb-lengthening surgery may be twice or thrice that amount. The volunteers of CFWF provide patients with complimentary follow-up care and free consultation, as well as attending to emergencies and coordinating the patients’ post-operative treatment until it is successfully completed.

Mumbai , India

A joyful moment as polio victims Arun, Ruckika and Sangeeta practice standing and walking for the first time in their lives.

Jyothi caring for a young polio patient.

Meet Dr. Desai, Orthopedic Specialist

A tribute to Dr.Paresh Desai, for his thoughtful consideration toward the polio patients he serves. Rather than ask these handicapped patients to travel all the way to the main hospital for admission for operation, he arranges it so the patients come to his nearby hospital in town. Then after the morning session he drives them in his own car to the other hospital to be operated on there. Regardless of whether someone is poor or well to do, he treats each person as a respected human being, manifesting this attitude in his caring actions towards them.

Experience A Changed Life - In Photos

Angura's remarkable transformation through a series of operations, from 2 years old when she was severely deformed, to getting around on her own at age 10.

Work with Polio Victims in Slum Areas

Having to search out and then do follow-up with patients scattered in many different parts of these densely-populated slum areas can be quite time consuming, to say the least. Most these children live in poor slum-areas, where there is no telephone and sometimes their huts are not even numbered, making them very difficult to even locate in the first place!

Mumbai Polio Camp

Free corrective surgery for polio-afflicted and other physically handicapped children and young people.

Zenabi -- starting a new life at age 16

Zenabi is the second oldest child of a poor family of 4 children. Zenabi had had severe Post-Polio deformities in both legs with stiffened knee joints and paralysed lower limbs since her very early childhood. She was confined to her hutment's small quarters, where a family of 6 live in one room upstairs. Due to her handicap she was not able to go to school. For every outdoor activity, Zenabi had to be carried down a narrow, steep metal staircase by her father. She saw very little sunlight and fell ill with Tuberculosis.

Limb Lengthening

Article by Dr. Paresh.M Desai M.S.[Ortho] Mumbai,

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