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Proyecto Refugio A.C. (PRAC)


Project Manager: Chrispin Seaman

Since 1995 Proyecto Refugio, A.C. (PRAC) has been dedicating its resources of time, manpower and finances to mitigate the suffering of those trapped in extreme poverty in the Guadalajara, Jalisco area. PRAC headquarters in a community center in El Salto, Jalisco—a state with a population of 7 million inhabitants, where poverty rates have seen a sharp increase in recent years. Additionally, almost 4 out of every 10 residents in Jalisco do not have access to adequate healthcare.

PRAC’s daily programs seek to address the acute needs in basic nutrition and healthcare for low-income families. Other services assist in achieving the longer term goals of helping build healthier, stronger families who are also economically independent. These programs include motivational seminars, parenting and marriage counseling, vocational skills training, and disease prevention through hygiene and nutrition education.

PRAC operates the following free programs and services:

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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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Community Feeding Program

CONEVAL (National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development) recently declared that “more people in Jalisco are short of enough money to buy food,” adding that, “the number of poor, those who are deprived of their basic food and health needs” continues to rise.

Food Distribution Program

As part of its “Food and Good Health for a Better Future” initiative, PRAC has successfully operated a free kitchen for over a decade, at its community dining hall, “Comedor El Refugio.” It provides daily nutritious hot meals for roughly 200 underprivileged children, senior citizens and women in crisis.

Clinic and Dispensary

At PRAC’s clinic, “Clinica El Refugio,” free consultations and medicines are provided 5 days a week at no cost for these often neglected and abused children and their families. The medical services offered include dental and mental health care.

Women’s Empowerment Program

PRAC’s skills training program for underprivileged women seeks to break the vicious cycle of poverty by empowering them with tailoring skills and basic tools needed to gain financial independence. This greatly aids in improving the quality of life for their families, while at the same time helping them regain their self-worth and dignity.

Personal Development Programs

The center’s large multi-purpose auditorium, which comfortably seats up to 225 individuals, facilitates PRAC’s women’s empowerment and personal development programs, as well as community events throughout the year. PRAC hosts three personal development programs on a regular basis including motivational seminars, marriage counseling and spiritual enrichment.

Special Events: Christmas and Children’s Day

PRAC hosts yearly special events on Christmas and Children’s Day for the children who eat at “Comedor El Refugio,” along with hundreds of other local families. Special meals, festive food packages, gifts, fun and games are only part of the ways that PRAC staff strives to make these events memorable for all.

Photo Archives

Photos from our early beginnings and Christmas Banquets