Orphan Education: Information Technology

Three computer labs have been setup by Skills for Life Foundation to provide computer literacy for at-risk youth throughout Guatemala City.

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These include the following locations: Fundaniños School and Orphanage for at-risk youth; Precious Moments School and Orphanage for street children; and La Limonada School, located in a dangerous slum area.

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At the three centers, trained teachers provide daily instruction in computer skills, and students learn to type and use basic office applications. They also have the opportunity to play educational games. 

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At the Fundaniños location, aside from the IT lab setup, the older students each received a donated laptop, so they can learn to use more advanced office applications, and for homework, research and email. Once the students graduate from the orphanage at 18 they are able to take the laptops with them, to help them in their new lives.

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