I-Care News

Advancing Global Philanthropy

Latin America's One-of-a-Kind Vocational Training Course -- Food Processing

In collaboration with the Chilean government, FCF project partner Fundación Educativa de Desarrollo Economico y Social (FEDES) established a Vocational Training School for the underprivileged.

Micro Enterprise for AIDS victims

A seed grant from Family Care Foundation coupled with the assistance and co-ordination of Durban-based FCF Partner allowed hospice overseer Patience Mavata and her volunteers to undertake creating beautiful handmade Zulu beaded crafts to market.

Something to Smile About

As part of Family Care Cambodia’s ongoing work with orphans and abandoned children in the capital, here are two direct, practical programs for assisting children: One is a Dental Assistance program, and the second a Scholarship program.

Love in Action in Mexico

The village of Santa Rosa, in El Salto municipality, Jalisco, Mexico, is typical in many ways: extremely poor, no running water or sewage pipes, potholed roads that are either filled with filthy water and vermin in the rainy season, or powder-fine dust that pollutes peoples’ lungs and homes in the dry season, and a multitude of children everywhere.

Empowering India’s hearing-impaired

"Unemployment is a big problem among the deaf community here, not to speak of their actual handicap," asserts T. Ramesh, FCF Project Manager for Voice for the Deaf.

Family Care Foundation Responds to Tsunami Emergency

Six months ago, in the aftermath of the Asian tsunami, upon witnessing the unprecedented physical devastation, suffering and human grief, a relief worker in India chronicled the following:

Hope in place of despair, loss gives way to new beginnings

Six months ago, in the aftermath of the Asian tsunami, upon witnessing the unprecedented physical devastation, suffering and human grief, a relief worker in India chronicled the following:

“Strengthening Basic Education in Africa Initiative” at the Grassroots

As part of the U.S. Administration’s “Strengthening Basic Education in Africa Initiative”, Nigerian based Edu-Vision International Services (EIS) is methodically distributing 250,000 supplementary readers and teaching/learning aids to schools in four states in Nigeria, in conjunction with other U.S. based organizations.

Post-war relief work in Lebanon: An urgent appeal!

The relief work of Family Care Lebanon began in the first weeks of the war, providing urgent basic supplies for 260 displaced and refugee families… We have continued to adopt hundreds more displaced families each week.

Education and Adoption Program for Orphans

Building on the belief that children are the hope of the future, Chiang Mai Family Services (CMFS) believes that learning the English language is a major asset in improving their lot in life.

Adaptation Center for Orphaned Teens

March 14th marked the inauguration of the Adaptation Center for Teens (ACT) in downtown Perm, a collaborative effort by IREX, Family Care Foundation, and Zashita under the PARTner program.

Water Tank Project provides clean water solution

“We first visited the Can Gio (CG) district of Vietnam in 1997 together with a group of friends and young students,” shares Lisa Wurr of FCF partner project Hands on Saigon.

The Bells of St. Mary’s

"The best way to describe our involvement with the nuns at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Convent at Pondicherry,” shares Frank Martin, project manager of SHARE, “is to say we feel we have been caught up in a 21st Century re-make of the Bing Crosby classic, ‘The Bells of St. Mary’s!’”

New Eyes, New Outlooks: An eye prosthetics project

In a project that could aptly be dubbed, “New Eyes, New Outlooks”, Dr. John Brinkley, in collaboration with Saltillo based FCF partner project Silver Lining, has for the second year in a row, visited Saltillo to fit underprivileged patients with needed eye prosthetics.

Short-term international volunteers helping to achieve long-term goals

Utilizing the help of short-term volunteers visiting from abroad, Family Care Cambodia (FCC) has undertaken new programs in the communities of Okokee, Sen Sabbay, and Siem Riep.

A mother shares her gratitude over her children’s sponsored education

The following is a letter dictated to us by a thankful mother who has two children in our school, which reveals the extreme difficulties faced by many families here.