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Advancing Global Philanthropy

Rebuilding Social Bonds

Healing Hearts Kosovo promotes reconciliation between different ethnic groups in the former Yugoslavia, helping minority groups to overcome their sense of isolation.

Transitional Home Provides Support for Orphans Entering the Mainstream

Healing Hearts Kosovo promotes reconciliation between different ethnic groups in the former Yugoslavia, helping minority groups to overcome their sense of isolation.

Children's laughter above the ashes of war

Like its neighboring project featured above, FIVS became involved in Croatia in the immediate aftermath of the Yugoslavian War, procuring and delivering aid to local refugee camps, orphanages, hospitals, schools, and centers for underprivileged and handicapped children.

Working to better the life of polio victims in India

Project Managers Josef Suess and David Mazzotti of Polio Child Relief (PCR) are working to better the life of polio victims in the Mumbai (Bombay) area, along with Doctor Paresh Desai of Shradda Hospital.

One Life Of Dedication Benefits Thousands!

Mingmar Sherpa is a young married man, only 23 years old, from the remote village of Phapre, in the Everest Region of Nepal.

Offering Peace in the Midst of Storm

Balkans Relief Mission was initiated during the Yugoslavian War with the purpose of providing emotional solace and material aid to children and families in refugee camps, military hospitals and children's centers in Croatia and Slovenia.

Helping others to help others

Coming from different backgrounds and countries as diverse as Botswana, Norway, Pakistan and China, a team of 11 young women (ages 17-21) from the Li Po Chun United World College in Hong Kong, converged at our Bangkok center for hands-on experience in working with orphans.

Goodwill Rubs Off On You!

FCF project manager David Lykins, whose organization addresses these problems, begins, "Our annual end-of-summer shoe and clothing collection has begun, with several companies asking us for assistance in moving goods from their warehouses."

FCF partner initiative spawns indigenous Russian work

Astrakhan Initiative for Minors (AIM) has, for the past few years, conducted classes and seminars for displaced Russian youth in Astrakhan, and provided free medical help courtesy of volunteer doctors and staff.

Addressing Social Issues With A 'NuBeat' Message

In late 1999, Chris Carruthers moved to East Africa, with the goal of addressing social issues within a contemporary Gospel message in his RadioActive Productions studio.

The Photo That Went Around The World!

Over 50 times during this past year, two of our young volunteers have dressed up in clown garb and visited the children's ward of a nearby hospital.

Sowing the seeds of educational indigenuity

Just outside Ghana's capital lies the small town of Berkuso, which can be accessed only by unpaved roads.

Animation Program For Autistic Children

We were asked to help organize an end-of-the-school-year program for 500 children here in Istanbul.

Moving From Success To Significance

Don from Minnesota learned about the work we are doing here in Mexico City after happening on the FCF website, and offered to buy Christmas presents for the children at the orphanage we assist.

Advancement Program for Underprivileged Mothers

“Each week we host free classes for about 60 mothers in the area to educate them in implementing new approaches with their families on a variety of topics."

A transitional home for orphanage graduates

FCF project FAVOR in Bacau, Romania, established a computer-training center and transitional home for young women. Their program has become a model for local officials.