A mother shares her gratitude over her children’s sponsored education

Ruth and Joshua Abu and their twins; the twins receive free education via IES in Abuja, Nigeria.

Via an FCF grant we were able to purchase 120 school desks and 15 teachers’ tables and chairs for Gwako School.

Parent-Teacher education and Adult Literacy classes are also provided.

Edu-Vision International Services, Abuja, Nigeria

The following is a letter dictated to us by a thankful mother who has two children in our school, which reveals the extreme difficulties faced by many families here.

My name is Ruth & my husband is Joshua Abu. We both come from Benue state, Nigeria. I got married when I was 19 and my husband was 36. We had a very difficult beginning. My husband had no job and two children from a previous marriage. Within two years we had three additional children together - twins and one single. We decided to move to Abuja in search for a job. Luckily, my husband got a job in hotel as a janitor. I started selling roasted yam. With this, we were able to take care of ourselves and our five children.

When things were going well, we decided make a small abode for ourselves in Karimo, Abuja. Then disaster struck. The government decided to demolish all the houses in the area where we were staying. We thought it was just rumors so we didn't believe it until the bulldozer was at our door. The next day we were homeless, squatting on open land with no roof over our head. Some of our luggage got stolen in the process. To top our grievances, my husband lost his job. I also became jobless because there was no one to sell roasted yam to in the area.

We decided to move to Gwako village. We rented one small room there. Since this room could not contain all of us, we sent our two oldest children back to their grandparents in the village. Our twins were reaching school age; we couldn't feed ourselves let alone talk about sending them to school.

One Saturday, Mr. Simon of Family Care visited our house inquiring about our children and their schooling. I bluntly told him that he should forget about trying to get our children to school because we could not afford it. He told us not to worry and that my husband should bring the children to school the next day.

Now, our twins are enjoying free education in Family Care Edu-Vision school in Gwako. It didn't stop there; my husband has also been getting occasional jobs in the school. This has been help us in sustaining ourselves. I would like to seize this opportunity to thank Family Care for caring for my family.

Edu-Vision International Services (EIS) is a FCF Project Partner that provides qualitative education for children from less privileged rural communities in the Abuja region of Nigeria.