Love in Action in Mexico

Hungry local residents line up outside 
the "Comedor Infantil" where up to 200 
poor children are fed daily.


Some of the children from Santa Rosa 
village, enjoying a hearty meal, thanks 
to "Love in Action" in Mexico.

Daily regulars at the Comedor Infantil dining room 





Love in Action, Guadalajara, Mexico

The village of Santa Rosa, in El Salto municipality, Jalisco, Mexico, is typical in many ways: extremely poor, no running water or sewage pipes, potholed roads that are either filled with filthy water and vermin in the rainy season, or powder-fine dust that pollutes peoples’ lungs and homes in the dry season, and a multitude of children everywhere.

It is in this needy setting that FCF Project Love in Action set up a service center to minister to the needs of the over 27,000 children under the age of 14, and the 28,000 families that live in the area.

Assistance is offered via the following programs:

  1. “Comedor Infantil La Familia” – A free dining room that feeds between 140 – 190 poor children daily.
  2. “Rescater”: Meeting the food and medical needs of older folks.
  3. “Health For All”: Free medical attention and medicines for all.
  4. “No Empty Plates”: Distribution of food on a monthly basis to needy families.

During the past year, Love in Action has:

  • Served 29,237 plates of food to poor children in the free dining room.
  • Served 613 meals to the elderly (65+) in their free dining room.
  • Distributed 16.62 tons of food to needy families.
  • Given 326 special food packages to the elderly (65+) that were geared to the needs of this age group.
  • Offered 59 elderly folks free access to medical attention and medicines for the duration of their lives.

How satisfying it is to be able to attend to so many needy persons in Mexico, who, with outstretched hands, are desperately clamoring for help.

For more information on this FCF project, please click on the following link: Love in Action