Micro Enterprise for AIDS victims

Patience Mavata (center) with the volunteer staff of the Hospice.


Utilizing a seed grant from FCF, locals create and market handmade Zulu beadwork to generate income for AIDS hospice.

Matumaini, Durban, South Africa

Volunteers, under the guiding eye of Patience Mavata, run the Home of Life AIDS Hospice. Sick people in the community are visited and taken care of, or if needs be, arrangements for hospitalization are made. The Home Base Care workers wash and feed the sick, clean their homes and make sure that they take their medication regularly.

Due to their rural traditions, none of these Home Base Care workers earn a salary for what they are doing. Their dedication and motivation comes from their heart.

In the community, there are a lot of families who struggle for food, and suffer from the lack of it. Thus these volunteer Home Base Care workers also distribute food, the widows and orphans being fed first.

To provide funding for these programs, a seed grant from Family Care Foundation coupled with the assistance and co-ordination of Durban-based FCF project Matumaini, allowed hospice overseer Patience Mavata and her volunteers to undertake creating beautiful handmade Zulu beaded crafts to market. From the sales of these necklaces, bracelets and other handcrafts, the volunteers can earn an income with dignity. All profits from the sales of these crafts go directly to the most needy in the community, as well as to cover the running expenses of the Hospice.

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