Post-war relief work in Lebanon: An urgent appeal!

Loading supplies of food, clothes and toys for needy families. The family in this photo lost their home in the bombing, and now have found refuge in the mountains outside Beirut.

Parks in the Beirut Central area are now filled with plaques on the ground, commemorating the victims of this war.


Family Care Lebanon, Beirut, Lebanon

The relief work of Family Care Lebanon began in the first weeks of the war, providing urgent basic supplies for 260 displaced and refugee families… We have continued to adopt hundreds more displaced families each week.

Assistance is made difficult in that Lebanon has been in a state of siege with all ports destroyed, the airport bombed, and all road links cut, so that no supplies were able to reach the country until the ceasefire began. The damage wrought in the July-August aerial bombardment is far greater and more widespread than during the previous years of war in terms of destruction of the basic infrastructure of the country... not to speak of the deaths of so many men, women and children.

Due to the sheer size of the humanitarian needs around us, we are appealing for financial help from outside the country, as very little of the relief supplies sent through larger Agencies and NGOs is reaching many of the needy at this point.

Finances are needed to purchase needs like milk for children, flour, canned goods, bedding, cleaning supplies, soap, clothing and even shoes. (Many fled the bombing without even time to put their shoes on!) Everything is needed.