Something to Smile About

FCF project manager Ann Soldner (left) with a group of orphans who are undergoing and benefiting from their dental assistance program.

Mit bravely awaits his first extraction.

Happy scholarship recipients, Bonah, and Ponlue, now have the opportunity to further themselves.

Family Care Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

As part of Family Care Cambodia’s ongoing work with orphans and abandoned children in the capital, here are two direct, practical programs for assisting children: One is a Dental Assistance program, and the second a Scholarship program. Project managers Alex and Ann Soldner recently shared the following:

“In addition to our other ongoing programs we’ve made weekly arrangements through the University of Orthodontistry to bring in groups of orphans for dental check-ups & treatment at much reduced rates. The university clinic is brand-new with all of the latest equipment, very hygienic, and the dentists have been kind and gentle with the children, explaining every step of the treatment and comforting them throughout the procedures.

“The kids being treated range in age from 9 to 20 years old. Most have never been in a dental chair, let alone had their teeth cleaned or attended to! But boy, do they need it! Poor things, many have teeth in really bad shape, rotted or riddled with cavities! One would have never guessed what was behind the sweet, cheery smiles that so attract us to dedicate our time and efforts on their behalf!

“Additionally, we passed out two high school scholarships from an international school based here to two Cambodian kids, both facing difficult situations:

“Bonah is a formerly abandoned young boy whom we’ve known for the past 2 years. Upon turning 18, Bonah had to leave the orphanage and return to his very poor & widowed mother, who had abandoned him 6 years ago, and even more discouraging, knowing it would mean he’d have to stop going to school.

“The second scholarship went to 16-year-old Ponlue. Her father is a land-mine victim & her family of 6 live in a one-room hut on the orphanage grounds. Ponlue was so excited to be chosen for a scholarship & kept repeating, “I am so happy!”

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