“Strengthening Basic Education in Africa Initiative” at the Grassroots

The only hope for school for these village children in the Abuja region of Nigeria rests with EIS.

Edu-Vision International school extension under construction.

Classroom setup for underprivileged children, Gwagwalada.

Edu-Vision, Abuja, Nigeria

As part of the U.S. Administration’s “Strengthening Basic Education in Africa Initiative”, Nigerian based Edu-Vision International Services (EIS) is methodically distributing 250,000 supplementary readers and teaching/learning aids to schools in four states in Nigeria, in conjunction with other U.S. based organizations.

The EIS mission is to provide qualitative education for children from less privileged rural communities in the Abuja region of Nigeria, when families are financially unable to send their children to school. A school established by EIS for the targeted communities also provides adult literacy classes, primarily for the village women, as well as training local teachers and providing them with employment.

Co-project mangers, Simon & Joan Danmola & Michelle Oosterwijik recently shared the following:

“To further our goal of concentrating on primary education in the Abuja region, we have targeted four local villages: Gwagwalada, Gwako, Kashanfa & Gosaone. These villages are comprised largely of Gwari (poor farmers), as well as a large segment of unemployed settlers from various parts of Nigeria. Six classrooms have been constructed, with more construction in progress; over 100 village children are receiving good qualitative education with modern methods of teaching.

“Through EIS’s support, not only children but also their parents have deepened their awareness toward qualitative education. It was encouraging that many of the parents, especially mothers who tend to be uneducated and illiterate, start to seek to gain literacy.” 
To learn more click the following link: Edu-Vision