Family Care Foundation International Relief and Development

FCF President Grant Montgomery explains, "In order to enhance the quality of life of a family, resources and opportunities are needed, which don't always exist in many developing nations. Family Care Foundation identifies grassroots organizations in these countries, with active programs already in place, to work through."

To give you a sense of how many lives are touched in a typical year by Family Care Foundation’s mission partners in roughly 40 countries, here are some informal statistics:

  • Dollar value of medical aid delivered in previous year: $5.9 million plus
  • Dollar value of food and clothing distributed in past year: $1,302,623 plus
  • Volume of food distributed in past year: 810 tons
  • Number of prepared meals served in past year: 509,004
  • Individuals personally counseled in past year: 333,435
  • Orphans, street children, and other youth at risk served: 82,652
  • Number of functionally challenged served: 51,788
  • Individuals served in institutions (hospitals, prisons, shelters, etc.) 122,079
  • Number of people provided with medical treatment in past year: 122,174
  • Number of pairs of eyeglasses dispensed in past year: 8,575
  • Educational and motivational shows: 2,159 attended by 200,000 people
  • Seminars: 35,351 seminars, attended by 123,668 people, covering topics varying from AIDS Prevention, Drug Awareness, Parenting, Teacher Training, Volunteerism, Conflict Resolution, and more

FCF executive director Larry Corley concludes: "We accomplish our mission by working through a network of relief and development partners around the world, and have found we can have a much better and more effective reach, by working with and through others."


[Please note that the above is by no means exhaustive. Actual total services provided and humanitarian goods distributed far exceed the figures in the brief list above.]


Family Care Foundation is an international not-for-profit charity organization. San Diego-based Family Care Foundation provides both emergency humanitarian services and sustained development in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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