If your company does not have a workplace giving program, or if you would like to see Family Care Foundation (FCF) become part of your existing campaign, please ask your fiscal officer, or the person responsible for your company's workplace giving, to add "Family Care Foundation" as a participating charity. 

If your workplace works exclusively with United Way, most local United Way programs allow donors to specify a charity other than one from their list of participating charities. Look for a "donor option" line on your giving campaign form and write in "Family Care Foundation". Your local United Way will then forward any such gifts to us.

Does Family Care Foundation (FCF) receive my entire donation?

In either of the above scenarios, those agencies handling the local campaign deduct fundraising expenses before we receive any funds. As a result, we do not receive the entire amount you pledge.

If you would like to maximize your charitable giving to FCF, you may want to consider giving directly to Family Care Foundation apart from your workplace giving campaign.

You can partner with Family Care Foundation in a number of ways, whatever is most convenient for you:

  • Call 1-800-992-2383 with your credit card information.
  • Click here to donate online at our secure website.
  • Write a check payable to Family Care Foundation, and mail this to: 
  • FCF, P.O. Box 1039, Spring Valley, CA 91979

Regardless of the way you give we are thankful for your participation in support of our programs benefitting children and families on 5 continents.