By Lili Enarson

anna_01.jpgAnna is an amazing ten-year-old girl who has touched my life in a special way. She had a very serious staphorious bone infection. The infection was so bad that some doctors thought she would have to get her leg amputated. But, thanks to very strong faith, determination, constant care and attention, and God's healing power, she has recovered.

An Irish man whom my father, a missionary in the Gambia, had met referred Anna to us. This man had attempted to sponsor Anna's medical treatment but he was dismayed to find out that her condition had worsened. To make matters more difficult, Anna's family lived quite far from the government hospital and was too poor to afford any medical attention. Her mother couldn't understand the urgency of the situation enough to agree to get Anna the medical attention she needed.

I accompanied Anna to the hospital where they informed us that she would have to get an antibiotic treatment by injection for 7 straight days. Since Anna could not come to the hospital twice a day, the doctors unanimously decided that I would have to be the one to give the injections in her village. So I was given a crash course on administering injections! Thus began my week-long task of giving the injection twice a day, as well as cleansing the lesions on her skin (she had two actual holes in her leg where the infected pus would ooze out.)

In spite of the pain and discomfort, Anna never so much as winced during this whole ordeal. Every time I treated her, she had the most appreciative smile that I've ever seen! This girl was a living example of thankfulness and faith in a very difficult situation!

After completing the treatment, Anna's wounds are healed for the first time in years.

Written by Lili Enarson, formerly a Project Manager of the Small Village Plan, a FCF Project in Banjul, Gambia, W. Africa