Cindy with Katie and other orphans, modeling their art project -“Pocahontas” headdresses.
Cindy with little Katie at her surprise birthday party. On her lap is Katie's present, a tea set.

By Cindy Thompson

My family regularly visits a nearby orphanage, “Casa Hogar San Vicente.” Every weekend we bring a different group of 10-15 children from the orphanage to our home, which is also our mission center. We conduct activities with them, ranging from art projects, movies, to Bible flannelgraphs.

In this orphanage, there are 170 abandoned children. These children either have lost their parents, or their living conditions and home life were such a low standard that the government took them into care in order to ensure that these children are fed and clothed.

My story centers on a little girl from this orphanage. At a very young age, “Katie” had been told that her mom had gone to the States on a long trip. Now from the moment that I met Katie, I had felt particularly drawn to her. It was something more than a child in need of love and care.

I later found out that when Katie first saw me, she told her caretakers, “My mom has come back from the States to be with me!”

I didn't want to fail or disappoint little Katie. So as the opportunity arose, I carefully explained to her that she has a very special place in my heart and I love her as if she was one of my own daughters.

A year has now passed since I met Katie and just last week she came over with one of her caretakers to celebrate her 5th birthday. All she wanted for her birthday was a cake with blue frosting. Whipping together some butter, sugar, powdered milk and blue food coloring, my 11-year-old daughter was able to make a colorful blue frosting to put on Katie's cake. This was very special for Katie, as this was her first very own birthday party.

Cindy Thomson is the Project Manager of MexMission, an FCF project in Mexico City.