By Marina Landivar

e12_pasha_web.jpgFourteen-year-old Pasha is a very bright and intelligent boy who makes very good grades in school. Pasha had polio as a child, and due to his handicap, didn't see a future for his life. He is from a very poor family, has no father, and lives on the fourth floor of an old apartment building. His mother also has no vehicle to take him anywhere, so to say that Pasha's life lacked in stimulus was an understatement. Pasha's dream? To one day become a computer programmer! After meeting Pasha at the Handicapped Olympics, which we help to organize every year, we were won by his charm and enthusiasm. Soon thereafter, one of our sponsors donated a computer for him.

We brought it to Pasha's home and his face lit up with joy! One of our volunteers, JJ, is a professional computer instructor, and is teaching Pasha the ropes. Pasha is already making great progress. A short story, but one that portrays hope for a better future, proof that love works! And life by life, the world can change!

Marina Landivar was a Project Manager of Helping Hands Foundation, a FCF project in Vladivostok, Russia.