Anglican Children's Project

The Anglican Children's Project (ACP) is a community-based outreach program whose goal is to halt the incidence of poverty and destitution of children, including AIDS orphans ending up on the streets. They currently work with 853 orphans and other at-risk children, most of whom have been directly affected by the AIDS/HIV epidemic.

ACP's approaches to these problems are both curative and preventive, through programs such as:

  • Canaan Center in Chelston, which has dormitories to house nearly 50 children during their rehabilitation. 
  • Education sponsorship provides tuition for children enrolling in government schools. 
  • Skills training enables the children to be self-reliant, with training in the fields of agriculture, basic electronics, tailoring, design, carpentry & joinery, teaching, catering and computers.
  • Psychosocial counseling. Most of the problems faced by these children are social; therefore, it is imperative that they (and their parents) first identify their problems before they can begin to overcome them. Included in the counseling efforts are topics such as child-abuse prevention, small business initiatives, and sex education.
  • Currently 300 children, aged 5-12, meet each Saturday to learn about various contemporary issues, such as behavioral change, child-abuse prevention, HIV/AIDS awareness, and the importance of personal hygiene. 
  • Recreational Activities. In addition to just being fun, games such as football, netball, and draughts help the children regain physical coordination and mental acuity.
Lusaka, Zambia