Family Africa HIV/AIDS Program

Project Managers:
L. Rachel Aird

Factoids: HIV transmission in South Africa is predominantly through heterosexual sex, with mother-to-child transmission being the other main infection route. The national transmission rate of HIV from mother to child is approximately 11%.

In townships where Family Africa works, 30- 60% of pregnant women are HIV+.

The disempowerment of South African women – revealed by such high levels of rape and domestic abuse – is a prime factor in the country’s HIV epidemic.

Project Managers: L. Rachel Aird

Rachel Aird has worked extensively with HIV/AIDS awareness programs in South Africa from 2002. In January 2005 she established a TB/HIV support group Family Africa HIV/AIDS Program which involves skills training and development programmes, such as literacy, knitting, sewing, and food gardening, as well as ongoing HIV/AIDS education. Nutritious food, warm clothing and blankets are supplied, as well as spiritual support. To date over 33,000 students have benefited from their HIV/AIDS School programmes. 

The Mother’s  Support and Counseling Centre for HIV positive mothers and their babies includes a free Day Care Centre for the children of HIV positive women, as well as AIDS orphans. Mothers and young women receive instruction so that their babies have an opportunity to be born HIV negative. Family Africa also runs a full time, free-of-charge Counseling and Support Centre for these women and provide free day care for their preschool children and AIDS orphans.  At present 55 mothers and 48 children benefit from this program.

Family Africa visits Primary and Secondary Schools with their interactive programmes, using music and drama to educate the students regarding HIV/AIDS.  They also take the programme on the road around South Africa and into the surrounding countries of Namibia and Zambia.


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Johannesburg, South Africa