Family Care Association Pretoria

Project Managers:
Janet Banker

Project Managers: Janet Banker

Family Care Association Pretoria (FCAP) worked in Mamelodi, a large township east of Pretoria with Stanza Bopape Community Development Centre, to distribute food and goods to underprivileged families and children. The objective was not to simply give “hand-outs,” but to provide education, training and assistance to help individuals and families become productive members of society. Most of the beneficiaries of FCAP programs live in deplorable conditions, but with assistance, training, and hope, their lives are able to change for the better.

FCAP made connections with companies and corporations, inspiring them to give of their abundance, and FCAP in turn transported regular shipments of food, clothing, blankets and other necessities to the township for distribution. In addition, FCAP personnel worked side-by-side with staff and volunteers at the centre to impart teacher and childcare training, providing long-term and sustained growth at these levels.

Many living in these deplorable conditions have either given up on life or are disparaging due to their troubles on many sides, so there is a pressing need for not only humanitarian aid, but faith and hope that positive change is possible. With this in mind, FCAP also provides programs of a spiritual nature, including moral training for children and adolescents. FCAP held Bible studies, meetings, and seminars for people of all walks of life, for the purpose of enriching lives, encouraging hope and faith for needed positive change, and inspiring others to give and help those more unfortunate than themselves. 

In brief, FCAP’s main activities and programs included:

  • Procuring donations for and distribution of food, clothing, blankets, and other needs for the underprivileged, particularly women and children.
  • Inspirational, spiritual and moral training programs for children.
  • Teacher training program for community centre volunteers and staff.
  • Obtaining sponsorship for educational materials which is provided to underprivileged children.
  • Organizing outings for educational and recreational purposes for underprivileged children.
Pretoria, South Africa