Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The Akado Women's Group (AWG), affiliated with Akado Integrated Health, was registered in 1986 with the Department of Culture and Social Services. The aim of the organization is to address numerous health and socio-economic problems that affect women and children in the Suba district of Kenya. In this community that borders Uganda and Tanzania, HIV and AIDS presently affect 37% of the population.

AWG initially started an HIV/AIDS intervention program to create awareness of the disease. However, their efforts were recognized and welcomed by the Suba district, where the group now works in four primary schools to improve the health and nutritional status of orphans aged 3 to 13.

Through this program, AWG conducts general medical exams, offers treatment to the sick, makes follow-up visits, and provides food. Future plans include a vocational training workshop where older orphans will be taught carpentry skills.

Mbiti, Kenya