Family Outreach Ghana

Project No: F33

Project Managers:
Emmanuel David Tindogo

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Factoid: Ghana is the world's second largest producer of cocoa.

While its literacy rate and high school enrollment are comparatively high, many schools are inadequately equipped or staffed.

Additionally children often have to leave school because of their families’ financial difficulties. 

Project Managers: Emmanuel David Tindogo

Family Outreach Ghana is a non-profit humanitarian organization (registered No.D.S.W./1601) consisting of individuals of different nationalities, backgrounds and experience; all non-salaried volunteers dedicated to the common goal of improving people's lives.

The objectives of Family Outreach Ghana include:

  • Contributing to the reduction of hunger, disease, poverty and the effects of natural disasters.
  • Promoting the rights of children and women, including the right to education.
  • Developing an educational sponsorship program for poor children of Ghana.
  • Encouraging street children to study through an initiative of scholarships.
  • Advocating against child labor, a common problem in Ghana.
  • Providing support to youth organizations for development of their communities.
Accra, Ghana