Helping Hand

Project No: F05

Project Managers:
Anthony and Anja Mizrany

Contact Info:

Project Managers: Anthony and Anja Mizrany

Helping Hand has been operational in the Capetown area since 1999, delivering food, clothing and educational materials to local soup kitchens for disadvantaged children, homes for the unwed and abused mothers, clinics for HIV/AIDs patients, as well as to orphanages throughout the greater Cape area.

Helping Hand may procure and distribute in a given year over 40,000 kg of fresh food; 60,000 rolls and loaves of bread; 22,000 items of clothing; 14,000 pairs of shoes; 14,000 toys and baby items; and other needs for the poor valued at over half a million dollars.

One such recipient agency has estimated that, based on what Helping Hand has delivered to them over the years, they have set out 2.5 million meals to clients from black townships via their soup kitchen. Additionally the agency distributes to the disadvantaged clothes, shoes, baby carriages and strollers, and other needs that Helping Hand provides. (Capetown townships are comprised mainly of those from the Xhosa tribe, who suffered greatly under apartheid.)

Helping Hand’s goal in all these activities is to put Christian principles to work helping the less fortunate. Helping Hand also provides Christian training to those interested via meetings, literature and educational materials.

Capetown, South Africa