You may not have heard much of the town of Arusha in northern Tanzania, "the Geneva of Africa", as Bill Clinton dubbed it during a Presidential visit. Arusha is the symbolic capital of the Eastern Africa Coalition, and the location of the UN Tribunal for the Rwandan Genocide, plus home to many diplomats and UN workers. Additionally, it is the base for many safari tours to renowned national parks like Serengeti and Kilimanjaro.

"It was here", share Mario and Sandra Bellaviti, FCF Project Managers of Miles for Smiles, "that we were offered a newly built school facility, and so established a multi-cultural kindergarten for children from various countries, which evolved into a teacher training center for local teachers, steeping them in early childhood education methods."

"Together with a close friend, the former administrator of a prestigious Arusha school, we organized seminars for teachers from cities and villages across the country.”

Their curriculum is based on the Steps program, a Christian character-building program designed especially for African schools, and their approach one of practicality. "In the mornings we major on classes that provide practical advice and tips, and in the afternoons we host workshops, with question-and-answer sessions", adds Sandra.

"With the support and training we receive via Family Care Foundation we are able to focus our years of experience in the field of education to meet a desperate educational and spiritual void in the life of East Africa's children.