Cornerstone Project

Project No: A04

Project Managers:
Jean-Luc Temmam

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Factoid: Cambodia is a land of ancient culture, natural beauty and stark contrasts.

Unfortunately, years of genocide and civil war destroyed the country’s social and economic framework. 

At present, over half of the country’s population of 14 million are under the age of 18.

36% of children under 5 years of age are moderately or severely underweight.

Only 27% of rural children finished primary school; 19% finish junior high school; and a mere 2.2% get a high school diploma

Project Managers: Jean-Luc Temmam

FCF Project honored by Cambodian Government

Cornerstone Project works hard to improve the quality of life for orphans, abandoned children, widows, handicapped, blind and the poor in and around Phnom Penh, as well as in Kandal and Siem Reap provinces through:

- Providing basic needs such as food, clothing, medical attention, educational and job opportunities and motivational programs. 

- Offering a chance to orphaned and/or underprivileged children to get an education and learn foreign languages, through local and foreign sponsorships, to break their poverty/begging cycle, allowing them to find better paying jobs when they become of age. 

With the support of generous contributors, close to 2000 children are regularly provided with:

  • Food and clothing, dietary supplements and vitamins, hygiene and cleaning agents, medical care and psychological assistance.
  • School materials, financial sponsorship toward their education, vocational and professional training, computer skills, secretarial, culinary, artistic, musical and linguistic training, and preparation toward acquiring a job after they turn 18.
  • Excursions, celebrations, birthdays, playground upgrades, gardening, new volleyball and basket ball courts, repairing and painting facilities, and improving the general conditions of life for the needy.

Additionally, Cornerstone has participated in emergency relief efforts in areas of the country devastated by natural disasters.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia