Deaf Reach

Deaf Reach was founded in 1991 by J.S.K.Rao, with guidance from Mrs. Christine Lazarus, chairperson and M.L.A.'89-94, and initiated with five deaf youth, Hari Kumar, Anil Kumar, Ritesh Kumar, Nagesh and Moosa Kutty. Deaf Reach began by identifying potential leaders in the deaf community in Hyderabad and focused on empowering them with skills and training to better serve their community. For several years, part of this time in cooperation with UNICEF, Deaf Reach implemented an unique leadership training and mentoring programs in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. Programs included Leadership training, Adult Education, Computer training program, AIDS awareness, Job Placement, Interpreters training, Sign Language training, Deaf Awareness and counseling.

Deaf Reach pioneered India's first ever AIDS Awareness Program for the deaf, entitled “Relationships and Health”. The first such program was coordinated with Project Sign Post of Mumbai, the organization that first developed this unique non-verbal health education curriculum for the deaf. Project Sign Post then turned this project over to Deaf Reach.

Hyderabad, India