Future Horizons

Project Managers:
Hilary Roys

Project Managers: Hilary Roys

Future Horizons was involved in a number of programs in the Bangkok area:

  • Anti-narcotic program. Since 1992 teams have participated in drug-awareness and prevention programs for high school students, as well as one geared to youth ages 6-12. Teams have conducted numerous seminars and distributed thousands of audiotapes especially produced to reinforce the anti-narcotic theme. These 2-hour seminars are conducted by a 12-man team and include short lectures, meaningful songs & skits, games and participative activities--all of which inform the students on the dangers of drugs and motivate them to make the right decisions in their lives. Similar seminars are conducted at a re-entry center for juvenile drug addicts.
  • Children's educational videos program for kindergarten and primary schools where volunteers distribute sets of educational videos to the schools as well as conduct Teaching Technique Seminars for teachers, particularly geared to orient them in the use of these videos.
  • Distribution of goods and motivational seminars at various institutions. In the last 15 years, Future Horizons has distributed clothing, toiletries and equipment to various centers for the handicapped, orphans and elderly, and work hand-in-hand with the Red Cross on various projects.
  • Humanitarian aid and relief work. When parts of Thailand has flooded, Future Horizon volunteers were involved in distributing aid, working with the Thai Red Cross, and helping construct emergency bridges.

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Bangkok, Thailand