New Horizons Student Interchange

Project Managers:
Art and Becky Lindfield

Project Managers: Art and Becky Lindfield

A host of young adults from the United States have been part of the New Horizons’ Student Interchange since it was founded. After completing their training, most of these young people commit to humanitarian aid projects in India, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Russia, Mexico and Europe.

In 1998, New Horizons opened a base in Pune, India. Its students work on social programs that emphasize education and improved lifestyles for the poor.

New Horizons instigated the Ton-a-Month-Club. Basic foodstuffs, like rice and lentils, are collected and distributed free-of-charge to various villages and orphanages. Additionally, the Lindfields have been involved in a number of such emergency relief endeavors in India.

Pune, India