FCF Project Patner: New Horizons Student Interchange

We visit the Divaliben Mohanlal Mehta Trust warehouse in Bombay to take delivery of pallets of donated hospital and medical supplies. We sort through them, then classify and repackage them into different categories, and then transport the supplies to a warehouse in north Bombay and invite various doctors and humanitarian aid workers to look through the list of items, to see which of the categories they can use in their facilities.

Most recently, the supplies were specialized items and could only be used in specific facilities. So the majority was accepted by the Shradha Hospital in Bayender, north Bombay, for use in their children’s welfare program, This hospital is administrated and owned and staffed by Dr. Paresh Desai who has dedicated the last 20 years to donating his time and skills as a surgeon pediatrician to remedy the misfortunes suffered by child polio victims. He organizes and administers 20-30 free polio operations each month at his facility and was very, very thankful for the donated medical items which were for specialized use in operating theaters and a facility such as his. The value of the goods donated was in the thousands of dollars and he could never have acquired these items under normal circumstances. He was moved to tears to receive such a gift, and marveled that these supplies will keep him going for many months in his free polio programs.