Child & Family Welfare Foundation

Project Managers:
Josef Suess

Project Managers: Josef Suess

For well over a decade, the Child & Family Welfare Foundation (formerly Polio Child Relief) have worked to better the life of polio victims in the Mumbai (Bombay) area, in collaboration with Dr. Paresh Desai of Shraddha Hospital. Since 1997, hundreds of poor polio affected children have successfully received free treatment under this project, in a country where there are still thousands and thousands of polio victims.

The first step in the Child & Family Welfare Foundation (CFWF) process is that CFWF volunteers visit slum areas to locate children in need of this correctional surgery. Free check-ups are then arranged, after which the children are admitted to Shraddha Hospital, where they receive free surgery. The sponsorships for these operations are raised by the CFWF volunteers.

A standard operation, which Dr. Desai performs at cost basis is roughly US $100. The cost for a much more difficult limb-lengthening surgery may be twice or thrice that amount. The volunteers of CFWF provide patients with complimentary follow-up care and free consultation, as well as attending to emergencies and coordinating the patients’ post-operative treatment until it is successfully completed.

Mumbai , India