SHARE (Shaping Hearts - A Relief Effort)

Project Managers:
Frank and Ruth Martin

Project Managers: Frank and Ruth Martin

The Martin family has been actively involved in humanitarian activities for three decades, the majority of this time in the Indian sub-continent, where they have spearheaded a number of programs in various cities and countries. Their present undertakings include:

  • Providing permanent housing in Kovalam for those who lost homes due to the Tsunami.
  • Assisting two orphanages and a home for aged, including a building project, and also providing food, clothing, educational classes, events and outings.
  • Working in the pediatric ward of the main Cancer Hospital of the city, doing workshops with the children: arts and crafts, music therapy, and educational games.
  • Providing support and counseling for women recovering from breast cancer.
  • Having helped found Voice of the Deaf in Chennai, the Martins remain active in activities focusing on the needs of the deaf community in southern India.
Chennai, India