Voice for the Deaf

Project Managers:
T. Ramesh, Martine Cambron

Project Managers: T. Ramesh, Martine Cambron

For several years, Voice for the Deaf has worked with hearing-impaired children in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It has now broadened its scope to include those living in Mysore, India. Voice for the Deaf also enlists the aid of other interested individuals and groups, and since 1995, has helped to organize major national events, such as International Week for the Deaf and All India Deaf Cultural Festival.

In 2002, the National Institute of the Hearing Handicapped, government officials and public sector organizations instituted an advisory board in Hyderabad to promote Computer Education for the Deaf. FCF Project Manager T. Ramesh was invited to join this committee and help with the sign language part of the program.

To help empower hearing-impaired individuals to become self-sufficient, Voice for the Deaf established a help desk and vocational training program. One of the first to complete the computer training course is now married and employed at a local bank. Voice for the Deaf also instituted an ear-mould lab that trained hearing-impaired workers to take ear impressions of those being fitted for hearing aids.

"The Rehabilitation Council of India (the country's prime center for assistance programs), conducted the first-ever Sign Language Interpreter Course in Chennai, India, which T. Ramesh attended. At the course’s end, all qualifying students were given certificates that recognized them as rehabilitation personnel and have been entered in the newly established National Directory of Interpreters."


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Secunderabad, India