Family Services Vizag

Project No: I24

Project Managers:
Raman Mehra

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Project Managers: Raman Mehra

Family Services Vizag developed a program for deaf youth which focuses on teaching them both to communicate and adjust to society. The second element is an attempt to counter the tendency of local mores to ostracize those with handicaps. So in addition to the educational aspect, the program is designed to help the deaf overcome the immense emotional and psychological effect their handicap has had on them.

Family Services Vizag offers their social and educational programs in Visakhapatnam and neighboring districts of Kakinada, Vizianagram, Anakapalli and Srikakulam. 

The regular classes and seminars offered by Family Services Vizag allows deaf youth the opportunity for proficiency in sign language, English language (utilizing visual aids) and computer skills-all crucial in allowing them a fuller lifestyle and livelihood.

The Family Services Vizag program includes an interactive club for the exchange of character building ideals and ideas, all within the vision of each deaf student developing the ability to stimulate and teach ideas. The deaf youth in turn reach out to many other deaf throughout the region.

In the educational field, Family Services Vizag also provides quality training programs for teachers and parents to help them cope better with the challenges of teaching and raising deaf children in the rapidly changing school and home environment.

Visakhapatnam, India