Values in Education

Project No: I06

Project Managers:
Kumar Raju, Mark Hanson

Contact Info:

Project Managers: Kumar Raju, Mark Hanson

Values in Education (VIE) is a holistic educational program developed in response to the need for moral, character and social development for preschool and primary school aged children.

The program consists of:

  • a unique library of audio visual aids, books, audio CD’s and activity sheets.
  • a curriculum utilising the holistic approach to weave the VIE library aids into a learning plan that can be adapted and intergraded into an  educational institution’s current syllabus.
  • workshops for teachers, volunteers and social workers, to showcase the library components and train them in the use of the accompanying curriculum.
  • internal and external yearly evaluation and impact assessment.

This program is designed to have maximum reach by enhancing institutions and schools dedicated to the care and education of underserved children in the core subject of value education; moral, character and social development.  

A key aspect of the program also includes addressing and advocating the need for quality educational materials and effective teaching methods of relatable character-building values within educational systems and institutions. By promoting and providing the VIE library, VIE plays a major role in building up the awareness of this necessity and what can be done to meet this social need. 

Hyderabad, India