Central Thailand Mission

Project No: P20

Project Managers:
Deborah and Magnus Ekner

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Bangkok, rated the world's 22nd largest city by population, has approximately nine million registered residents.

Due to large unregistered influxes of migrants from the North East of Thailand & other neighboring countries, the population of greater Bangkok is estimated at nearly 15 million people. 

Project Managers: Deborah and Magnus Ekner

Since 1997, Central Thailand Mission – based in Bangkok – has been working to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities in Thailand in the following ways:

  • Providing a bridge between people with the needs and those with the resources.
  • Providing basic essentials of food, water, and clothes for destitute communities.
  • Initiating the sponsorship of major needs and projects eg. A seminar for teachers from rural schools to upgrade teaching skills, building a daycare center.
  • Counseling and encouragement for the handicapped, the terminally-ill (death coaching/grief counseling) , AIDS patients, abused women & children.
  • Counseling and preparing orphans for adoption.
  • Utilizing the assistance of international volunteers who want to give of their time, talents or resources to help others.
  • Sharing spiritual strength and comfort with those who need and seek a purpose and direction for a meaningful life.

Volunteers from Central Thailand Mission assist in the following programs:

  • The Rangsit Babies' Home (orphanage for about 300 children), an ongoing program to prepare the children for adoption which includes teaching English and socialization activities.
  • Volunteer program, coordinating logistics and projects for students and professionals who want to volunteer for a hands-on experience working with the orphans or other humanitarian aid programs.
  • Emergency Home for Women: a shelter for women or children who seek refuge from abusive domestic situations with husbands or family/relatives. CTM organizes activities such as: Mother's Day programs; song and dance therapy for children, visits to HIV patients, counseling.
  • Prison ministry: Volunteers serve at the maximum security prison in Bangkok to provide counseling, encouragement, spiritual support and help with some legal paperwork.
  • Home for the Blind and Multiply-Handicapped: CTM provides a supply of fruits, vegetables, rice and other food essentials to this institution.

Travelogue activity of Central Thailand Mission, below:

Bangkok, Thailand