Siam Family Services

Project No: P13

Project Managers:
Stephen and Rutchanee Hanson

Contact Info:

Project Managers: Stephen and Rutchanee Hanson

Siam Family Services was founded in Thailand in 1996 with the goal of improving the quality of life for children, handicapped and senior citizens. That also includes training of teachers and volunteers to further the quality of life improvement.

Siam Family Services regular helps needy orphanages, rural schools, centers for the physically, mentally and economically disadvantaged, supplying sponsored educational materials, printed books and materials, as well as audio-visual items, and also needed foods, clothing and equipment.

Siam Family Services works in training others to help others including conducting seminars for teachers and caregivers and for part-time volunteers as well to help improve the quality of life for as many as possible. SFS is engaged in Christian education, counseling and training for those concerned and interested, with training and courses for various topics relevant to their needs and interests.

Bangkok, Thailand