Project No: E28

Project Managers:
Paul Katz

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Project Managers: Paul Katz

FAVOR (Family Action Volunteers, Romania) is a not-for-profit organization headed up by the Katz family. With nearly two decades of hands-on experience with families at risk in Romania and Moldova, FAVOR works together with child protection officials and local authorities, to address some of the most pressing needs of abandoned and underprivileged children in the Bacau area.

FAVOR's main project areas include: 

Educational After-Care Center - In 2012, FAVOR opened the “Rainbow Center” for children-at-risk in an isolated village 25 miles from Bacau. The new center offers a “rainbow of hope” and positive solutions to combat the deeply entrenched cycle of lack of education and resulting poverty. Remedial educational tutoring, positive reinforcement of the possibilities education can provide, and instilling confidence, determination and self-worth are the central focus of the program. 

Other Educational Support - The “You Can Do It!” program offers English language and IT training for orphans and other underprivileged students. Additionally, FAVOR seeks to provide needy students, schools and kindergartens with educational materials, computers and basic supplies. 

Humanitarian Aid - Working together with local and foreign donors, FAVOR helps provide basic food, clothing and footwear for extremely poor children living in rural areas, many of whom live in mud-and-stick homes with no running water. Other aid delivered to poor families and residential care centers includes couches, beds and mattresses. 

Orphan Transitional Home - This program provides support and mentoring for orphan youth who are transitioning from institutional life to independent adulthood. Participants are provided with housing for a minimum of one year, along with training in the practical and social skills necessary for integration into society. 

Bacau, Romania