Project No: S10

Project Managers:
Steven Colon and Agueda Martin

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Factoids: 25% of Chileans live in extreme poverty. 97% of students from lower socio-economic background do not meet expected grade levels. Only 18% enter university. Medically, many Chileans have difficulty getting access to any medical attention and life expectancy is only 60.

Project Managers: Steven Colon and Agueda Martin

FEDES (Fundación Educativa de Desarrollo Economico y Social) focuses on education and social and economic development, and is dedicated to bettering the lives of the poor and disadvantaged of Chile. The concept of human development embraced by FEDES is aimed at satisfying spiritual, emotional and physical needs, as well as providing training at an individual, family and community level, enabling people to create a stable, safe and peaceful social environment that will be conducive to the development of families and children. FEDES is presently involved with the following programs:

  • Vocational Training School where students from underprivileged homes learn trades.
  • Improving the conditions of the nation's poorest hospitals and medical institutions with much needed medical relief, equipment and supplies.
  • National Wheel Chair Program, plus orthopedic equipment and walkers.
  • Social rehabilitation and material assistance program, distributing basic needs to the poor
Santiago, Chile