American Red Cross 
National Headquarters 
Washington, DC 20006

Dear Friends,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your dedicated work in assisting the victims of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida. It was a privilege and pleasure to meet the many members of your organization when I visited the American Red Cross shelter at Homestead Middle School. Your valuable assistance to the Red Cross and other relief organizations has been thoughtful and heartwarming.

On behalf of the entire Red Cross, I thank you for your dedicated and caring service.

With warmest best wishes,


Elizabeth Dole


SERVE, inc.
People Helping People 
10037 Nokesville Road 
Mannassas, VA 22110 
(703) 368-2979

Dear Family Missions,

Dozens of people and organizations bring us food, clothing, household gleanings. Every day we write receipts to people we never see again. It's not that we're ungrateful for those donations, without them our pantry would have been bare more often than it actually was this last year. But we feel a special bond with the people who regularly contribute generously, and repeat that generosity as the way opens through the year. You are among those who understand what the disadvantaged need. Since we never have enough milk, even for the children who constitute half of our clients, we are always amazed and delighted to see you arrive with what we need most.

Very truly yours,

Gail G. Cline 
Executive Director


Arlington Food Assistance Center 
2900 N. Washington Blvd. 
Arlington, VA 22201 
(703) 243-4839

Dear Family Missions,

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for your contributions of milk. Each and every contribution we receive helps us to meet our goal of feeding Arlington's hungry. However, we especially appreciate those organizations that include us as part of an on-going donation program. Milk is so important to our clients and their families, yet it is very difficult for us to maintain a constant supply. That is why we are so thankful and appreciative of your program and for allowing us to participate in it. We truly appreciate the work your program has done and the help you have provided us over the past two years. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Very truly yours,

Carol Levin 
Food Manager


DC Central Kitchen 
425 Second St. NW 
Washington, DC 2001

Dear Family Mission,

I am writing to give you an overdue thanks for the four years that you all have been helping the D.C. Central Kitchen. The regular donations of milk and food are incredibly helpful to our clients, and the occasional musical performances you put on for our staff, volunteers and clients are an added treat for which we are also very grateful. The milk and food donations from the Family are distributed to clients at non-profit agencies throughout the area. In particular, the chocolate milk is a big hit at the children's programs we work with. You have brought immeasurable joy to many kids throughout the area through your hard work and great donations! The Family Mission is one of the most reliable partners that we have in the fight against hunger in the Washington community. We love working with you all, and we look forward to many years of partnership with you.

Thank so much for all that you have done; we are truly grateful.


Chapman Todd
Associate Director



Dear Family Mission,

With this winter being so extremely bitter, your contribution of many coats for the homeless has been a blessing to many people. The coats were given out at the Executive Office Building Emergency Shelter & to a local "Clothing Closet" for the homeless. Your kindness to the homeless will always be appreciated & remembered.


Lynn M. Valcourt 
Homeless Liaison Officer


3180 Estey Avenue 
Naples, Florida 33941

Dear Family Mission,

Thank you for your assistance during the Salvation Army's Relief Efforts at the ValuJet Flight #592 Crash Site. Your help in The Salvation Army Kitchen during the week of May 27 to June 2, 1996, ensured that relief workers, support crews, recovery workers & law enforcement officers all received the appropriate quantity & a superb quality food. Your group made this meal service possible.

I know you had a number of other commitments & I appreciate you making our effort a priority. Aside from the work you performed, your team approach & warm personality served to contribute to the agreeable atmosphere of the kitchen. Your group was wonderful & without you we would not have accomplished such a difficult task. Please accept the enclosed certificate of our appreciation.

I hope & pray that there is never such a disaster. However, if there is & I get called to duty, I hope that I work with the Family again.

Thank you & may God bless you,

Ed Laudise MSW 
Naples Area Salvation Army