To get a sense of how many lives are touched in a typical year by Family Care Foundation's Project Partners worldwide, following are statistical highlights from a previous year:

  • Dollar value of medical aid delivered: $5.9 million
  • Dollar value of food and clothing distributed: $1,302,623
  • Volume of food distributed: 810 tons
  • Number of prepared meals served: 509,004
  • Individuals personally counseled: 333,435
  • Orphans, street children, and other youth at risk served: 82,652
  • Number of functionally challenged served: 51,788
  • Individuals served in institutions (hospitals, prisons, shelters, etc.): 122,079
  • Number of people provided with medical treatment: 122,174
  • Number of pairs of eyeglasses dispensed: 8,575
  • Educational and motivational shows: 2,159 attended by 200,000 people
  • Seminars: 35,351 seminars, attended by 123,668 people, covering topics varying from AIDS Prevention, Drug Awareness, Parenting, Teacher Training, Volunteerism, Conflict Resolution, and more


[Please note that the above is by no means exhaustive, as actual total services provided and humanitarian goods distributed far exceed the figures in this brief list above.]