FCF Project Partners have managed emergency and relief services at such disasters as the Chile earthquake, Asian tsunami, earthquakes in Pakistan and India, El Salvador, Turkey, Colombia, and Taiwan; hurricanes in Central America; flooding in India and Mexico, etc. Extensive follow-up, often in close cooperation with various government agencies, is emphasized.

Some of our projects that support emergency relief


Santiago, Chile

FEDES (Fundación Educativa de Desarrollo Economico y Social) focuses on education and social and economic development, and is dedicated to bettering the lives of the poor and disadvantaged of Chile.

Yayasan Cakrawala Masa Depan

Jakarta, Indonesia

Yayasan Cakrawala Masa Depan (English transalation:"Future Horizon Foundation") has been carrying out voluntary work in Jakarta and various parts of Indonesia for well over a decade. Working together with like-minded groups and individuals, Yayasan Cakrawala Masa Depan (YCMD) establish educational scholarship programs, distribute food and basic necessities to the underprivileged, organize seminars, educational workshops and motivational programs.

Family Care Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon

Family Care Lebanon (registered with the Ministry of the Interior for Lebanon, # 121/AD ) is a charitable project staffed by volunteers with the mission to try to make the world a better place by promoting volunteerism in community service opportunities. In the wake of conflict in the region, the relief work of Family Care Lebanon intensifies, in providing urgent basic supplies for displaced and refugee families.


Bacau, Romania

With nearly two decades of hands-on experience with families at risk in Romania and Moldova, FAVOR works together with child protection officials and local authorities, to address some of the most pressing needs of abandoned and underprivileged children in the Bacau area.

Central Thailand Mission

Bangkok, Thailand

Since 1997, Central Thailand Mission – based in Bangkok – has been working to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities in Thailand.